Google will shut down My Tracks on April 30

Google will shut down My Tracks on April 30



As one of the world’s largest software companies, Google understandably has a great deal of apps and services available. From time to time, however, the company does a cleanup and shuts down apps that are no longer a priority for the company. This generally happens each year in the spring, and Google’s first app to be killed off in 2016 is My Tracks.

My Tracks is an app aimed at those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as runners and hikers. The app allows users to track their speed, distance, elevation and location through GPS. The data could be saved for later and could also be shared to a service like Google Maps for use in plotting a route. Additionally, users could share their My Tracks data to social media.

My Tracks never garnered a large following and Google hasn’t done anything significant with it for quite some time. Now, Google has made the decision to shut down the app. The shutdown will occur on April 30, 2016, and users of the app will be greeted with a pop-up informing them of the news with an option to export their data to Google Drive or an external storage source.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives out there that perform the same functions. Some suggestions are Runtastic, Endomondo, Map My Run and, to some extent, Google Fit. If you’re a My Tracks user, you may want to find one that you like and get into the habit of using it before My Tracks shuts down.

For instructions on exporting your My Tracks data, follow the source link below.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google

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